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Pod Works for Students

Investing in young people and supporting their interest in podcasting is a core part of the mission at Bristol Pod Works. 

The Pod Works for Students Program brings Bristol Pod Works' professional services to schools, youth organizations, and community events to help young people develop important career skills through the medium of podcasts.

Building Skills through Podcasting

Students will take part in creating a podcast through every stage of production. In doing so, they can expect to develop valuable skills, and learn about the application of these skills in the modern workplace.

Students will learn:


We all have our own story to tell. We'll work on how to convey these stories in a bold and effective way.

Developing a Voice

Speaking for long stretches, even just to a microphone, can be an excellent stepping stone toward public speaking, a top fear for students.

Sound Engineering

From ideal recording conditions to post-production magic, students will learn the technical side of podcasting.


Students will be shown how podcasts can work like a business, learning about marketing, monetization, and community management.

Media Presence

Having an outward presence online can be challenging. We will discuss tips for being smart with your message and public persona.

Community Sponsorship

The Pod Works for Students program helps young people at no cost to them or their families. Instead, the program is made possible by local organizations and philanthropists interested in giving students in their community an opportunity to engage with this new and growing medium.

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